About Presafe

Presafe provides global market access by testing and certifying the safety and quality of products and systems according to international safety and quality standards and regulations.

Presafe is a joint venture between the global certification bodies DNV GL Business Assurance and Nemko. The combined presence of our parent companies includes offices in 48 countries, a network of 2200 industry professionals and a broad range of testing facilities.

Presafe builds on this heritage and partnership with these two global organisations and is one of the few providers of testing and certification services dedicated specifically to medical devices and Hazloc/EX equipment. In addition, DGM Denmark A/S joined Presafe in 2012, further strengthening our service offering for medical devices.

About DNV GL - DNV GL Business Assurance works with customers to assure the performance of their products, processes and organisations through certification, assess¬ment and training services. Understanding that all management system certificates are not equal, DNV GL Business Assurance helps customers on the road towards continual improvement, to build stakeholder trust and create a platform for sustainable busi¬ness performance. Please read more on www.dnvba.com

About Nemko - Nemko is an accredited laboratory, certification and testing body, helping customers gain global market access. Nemko contributes to a safer world by sharing knowledge, ensuring safe products and safeguarding the environments, people and systems. Nemko has offices and laboratories in 15 countries, employing 500 persons, offering a wide range of product certification and testing services. Please read more on www.nemko.com

DNV GL Nemko Presafe AS is a Norwegian private limited company owned by the global certification bodies DNV GL Business Assurance and Nemko.
The two owners hold equal amount of shares. The company will operate on a sound financial basis where the profits are re-invested back into the business of the company and the owners.

Impartiality Statement

DNV GL Nemko Presafe recognizes impartiality as key when performing services within the area of testing and certification. Independence, integrity and impartiality are among our core company values. Our implemented processes and procedures are designed to identify and manage potential conflicts of interest, and hence to ensure objectivity and integrity in all our activities. As an accredited certification body Presafe has established a certification impartiality committee as a mechanism to safeguard impartiality. The committee includes representatives from relevant stakeholders and has the right to take independent actions toward authorities, accreditation body, or other stakeholders if Presafe top management does not follow the input from the committee.