Ex-Conference 2016

The 14th National Ex Conference is aimed to topics related to hazardous locations and will find place 22-23 November 2016 in Grand Hotel, karl Johans gate 31, Oslo, Norway.
This event is a collaboration between Norwegian Electrotechnical Committee and IFEA.

The conferance is one of the main meeting places for all who are in contact with hazardous areas: equipment- and service providers and and their customers, certification bodys and relevant authorities.

Presafe is represented as a part of the Conference Committee. You are welcome to join us and meet Head of Ex-Department, Bjørn Spongsveen who will participate as one of the presenters this year. He will be sharing news about IECEx and ATEX certification, and talk about the importance of new ATEX directive related to certification.

Apart from the many lectures and discussions, this conference is a great opportunity to link and strengthen contacts - also with influencers of legislation. Many of the participants have a great influence both on the national and international regulations through their offices in NEK, CENELEC, IEC and other organizations... Read more at http://www.exkonferansen.no/

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