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Presafe is glad to introduce our new courses "Equipment for use in explosive atmospheres" for our parthners and customers. We are helping your business to be better equipped to implement and certify your products. 

Our cources help your company foster the ability to continuously improve compliance with standards and buyer requirements. This goes hand in hand with business development and contributes to your specific strategic objectives, whether it involves accessing new markets or focusing on the competence development of key people in your organisation.

The courses can be offered at our main location, at Høvik, in Stavanger, Bergen, Tromsø (Norway) and Stockholm (Sweden).
In addition, our customized courses can be arranged at your location.  We adapt content and level for your special needs.

Level 1 Introductory course where we look into Ex field in general and learn about product marking. 
Level 2 This course provides you with both practical insight and theoretical basis for different kinds of Ex-protection. You will be provided with practical information (examples) on how to comply with the requirements.

Both Level 1 and level 2 courses can be tailored specifially to your company and carried out in-house or at another preferred location. Please contact for further information.

Customised courses: we help you to extract your knowledge and insight into relevant types of Ex-protection. The course content can be modified according to your needs, focus on the breadth or specialize in a particular subject. 

Types of protection are:
Flameproof enclosures (Ex d), Pressurized enclosures (Ex p), Powder filling (Ex q), Oil(Liquid) immersion (Ex o), Increased safety (Ex e), Intrinsic safety (Ex i), Encapsulation (Ex m) ‘n’ Protecion (Ex n) Dust ignition protection by enclosure (Ex t)Non-electrical equipment

Language: English and Norwegian.

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Course fee: 3 500 NOK per day/participant

Cancellation of the course(s):

If you're unable to participate in an already registered course, our cancellation policy is as follow:
Cancellation 30 days prior to course start date will be free of charge.
Cancellation up to 15 days prior to course start date will be invoiced at 50% of the course fee
Cancellation 14 days or less prior to course start date will be invoiced at 100% of the course fee

Course registration can freely be transferred to e.g. a colleague.

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