Presafe offers CENELEC and IEC testing of products according to IEC and EN standards, national US and Canadian standard harmonized with the IEC standards as well as many other national standards relevant to your target markets.

Presafe performs ATEX and IECEx testing to suit customer needs:

  • At Presafe´s central test lab located in Oslo, Norway, or
  • At the manufacturer's premises or "on-site", or 
  • At one of Presafe's partner labs around the world.

In addition to offering a global network and reach through our parent companies Det Norske Veritas and Nemko, we also assist our customers with testing and certification of Ex products for local and regional markets around the world, in partnership with:

  • China: CQST, PCEC
  • Korea: KOSHA, KTL
  • Russia: TL NANIO CCVE
  • Brazil: INMETRO

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