IECEx and ATEX Certification: Product marking

Marking of Ex equipment is a requirement. It allows a user to choose appropriate equipment for a specific hazardous atmosphere. For instance, it can warn of special conditions or parameters for safe use and hazards that might occur etc. Marking also provides traceability and references to the issued certification including certifying body. To obtain certification, a manufacturer must at the very least provide a drawing illustrating the nameplate(s) that details the relevant marking.

Marking of electrical equipment must include: manufacturer's name, model number, serial number, ratings and the following Ex-marking at a minimum*:

  • Type of protection ( d, ia, e, p, nA etc.)
  • Group for which equipment is approved. ( IIA, IIB, IIIC..)
  • Temperature code or maximum surface temperature (T1,T2,...T6)
  • Equipment Protection Levels. (Ga,Gb or Gc)

*Note: Some protection types may require additional marking. Pressurization for example would require additional information such as purge time and flow rate etc. In Europe (ATEX) the marking may also include the European Community symbol for explosion-protected equipment fully complying with a Directive 94/9/EC, a script Ex in a hexagon as shown below.

Example of typical product marking for electrical equipment,

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