Terms and conditions for maintaining certification


1. General conditions
1.1 The certificate holder shall ensure that its management system is maintained in accordance with the standard/standards specified on the certificate.
1.2 The certificate holder shall keep DNV GL Presafe AS (Presafe) informed of any
significant changes in either its quality system or any other conditions, which may affect
the management system.
1.3 The certificate holder shall give Presafe admittance and assistance in the auditing and surveillance of:
- the management system description, including procedures and work instructions, and its implementation
- the production/service process, equipment, execution of services, facilities and personnel affected by this certification
- raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products and procured services
- quality records and statistics
1.4 The management system will be audited periodically by Presafe or partner. The areas covered will be those considered appropriate by the auditor. Surveillance audits shall take place within one month of the scheduled date.
1.5 In addition to scheduled surveillance audits, Presafe or partner is entitled to perform unscheduled audits, with the certificate holder’s permission, but with minimal notice, in order to verify that the management system is being adequately maintained.
1.6 Further in addition Presafe is entitled to perform unannounced visits according to applicable standard and directive.

2. Complaints, appeals and disputes
The certified company or other parties can bring appeals, complaints and disputes before the certification body. These will be subject to the documented procedures of the certification body.

3. Conditions for use of certification mark
The certificate holder is entitled to use the Presafe certification mark in accordance with the following rules. The mark shall not be used in an unauthorised manner, nor imply product conformity.
3.1. Certificate holders may use the marks appropriate to the standard/standards to which they have been audited.
3.2 Certificate holders are entitled to use the certification mark on letter headings, employee business cards, invoices, cars, brochures and other promotional material. The mark shall not be used on packaging, trade samples, certificates of conformity and envelopes. If only a part of the certificate holder’s activities are subjected to the certified management system, then the certification mark shall only be used in relation to those parts of the activities which are managed under the certified management system.
3.3 The certification mark may be reproduced in standard size. It is essential that the text in the certification mark is readable, also after reproduction. The certification mark shall not be larger than the certificate holders own logo on the same letter head etc. It shall always be reproduced in its entirety, including the surrounding outline. Use of the logo of Norwegian Accreditation (NA) alone is prohibited. In special cases a larger certification mark may be used, according to separate agreement.
The certification mark may be used in black or in the exact original colours.
The colours are; Green: PMS 370, Blue: PMS 286, Red: PMS 485. (for DNV/NA)
Blue: PMS 281, Green: PMS 376, Grey: 50% Black (Presafe logo)
The certification mark can be transferred electronically upon request.
3.4 The certification mark shall not be used, under any circumstances; on or closely associated with products in such a way as to imply that the product itself is certificated.
3.4 Where there is evidence of misuse of either the certification mark or the certificate by the certificate holder, actions taken by DNV could be one or more of the following:
• informing the certificate holder of the required corrective action to be taken on its part
• suspension or withdrawal of the certificate
• publication of the transgression
• legal action
The type of action taken will be influenced by the nature of the misuse, its subsequent consequences and whether or not the misuse was inadvertent or deliberate.
3.6 Notwithstanding 3.5 above the certificate holder shall immediately discontinue any use of the certification mark, which is considered unacceptable by Presafe.
3.7 In the event that a certificate ceases to be valid for whatever reason, the certificate holder shall immediately discontinue all use of the certificate and the certification mark and stop distribution of any letterheads, promotional literature etc., bearing the certification mark.
3.8 The certificate holder may reproduce the certificate for his own internal use. Colour copies of the certificate shall be clearly marked with "COPY".
3.9 These conditions for use of the certification mark conform to the requirements of the Norwegian Accreditation Authorities and may be changed accordingly.

If the certificate holder fails to meet any of the conditions of certification listed in this appendix, Presafe shall be entitled to suspend or withdraw the certificate.

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